Traceability and transparency

Because with us everything is original, we have nothing to hide. We guarantee to ensure authenticity and traceability for all the ingredients in our drinks.

That is why we provide each of our distributors with all necessary certificates.

Sustainable development

We prefer the sourcing of our raw materials from as close as possible to the production plant to avoid excessive transport.

In addition, our raw materials, hibiscus and green tea as well as our cane sugar are all Fairtrade.


Our taste for innovation has led us to adopt a unique position in France: Beverages which are 100% organic and 100% plant-based, with completely new flavours.

Innovation is an integral part of our values. In response to your request, we offer modern and attractive packaging.

Respect for nature

We are committed to nature and to man, using healthy products, all from organic farming.

Origin beverages are 100% organic and 100% natural.


We have focused on recyclable packaging. Our labels have been chosen so as not to use harmful glue to protect our health and our environment. Moreover the capsules which we use are free of BPA (bisphenol A).

Made in France

To respect the planet and deliver high quality and safety standards throughout the manufacturing process Origin drinks are made and bottled in France.

Plum Village Organic garden

Origin undertakes to donate part of its profits to a voluntary project. We support the “plum village” Zen monastery near Bordeaux and are helping them to finance an organic garden. We believe that meditation also helps you to rejuvenate!


Ils parlent des boissons Origin

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